Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oprah's Nude Photos

This photo is perfect and requires no title.
More POT in Chicago from Cliff and Glen.

If we get a reader spike, we'll have some interesting demographics for Oprah fans...

Summer may actually be over. I brought in some freshly painted Poppets from outside. They were very cold. Poppets are made of resin and marble chips. Marble gets very cold and has its own sort of resonance and for some reason, these seem like good traits for tiny sculptures. To me.

Ravyn sent me this Unrest in Pieces about the Bodies exhibit. It is disturbing, but doesn't make me want to see the exhibit any less. It's good to be awake, but not always easy, which could explain why so many sleep.


Anonymous said...

OMG, Ravyn! You have me ROTFL with the name of this post! : )

Too funny! Some people will most likely be in for quite a shock and undoubtedly a disappointment. I love it!

ravyn said...

i didn't name the post... we're having some technical difficulties with picture posting, so i put the photo up and Lisa writes the post. But because i put the photo up there first, the post has my name as author.

Lisa has a knack for this sort of thing, heh. It'll be interesting to see if we really do get a spike in hits **grins evilly**

Anonymous said...

Well, all right then, Lisa! You have once again proven your absolute Evil Geniusness. : )

Miss Bliss said...

LOVE IT! The photo is soooooooo perfect. I'm going to have to hock something so I can buy myself a Poppet.

Anonymous said...

so far its google's #7 on a "oprah nude" search.



Anonymous said...

Well Lisa since you promised on fair you post some nudes of yourself.