Friday, December 02, 2005


I left the desert dressed in layers which mostly came off in the plane, because it was 75 degrees or so outside and at least 80 in the cabin. Three or so hours later it was 17 degrees outside and I started thinking about longitudes and the shape of the planet. I put the layers back on but after a very long walk through a warm airport with heavy bags, forgot about longitudes and weather patterns and just enjoyed the cold air on my face outside.
Kelli Kelli Bickman slideshow made a very nice dinner and the evening was fun and I'm tired but still sort of looking out the window once in a while, hoping for snow. It's dark and quiet and I will fall asleep happy for the change of scenery. Tomorrow is the signing and later I will unpack the sculpture and try to get a couple of photos up then.



Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

Just thought I'd let you know, even with all of your current travels and excitement, that you've been quoted over at my new blog Quotable Neil

Don't you feel special?

Shadow said...

Certainly very glad with myself for rediscovering your website again. Through the mention of Gaiman of course. Just thought I would happly say that you're the most unique, disturbed, yet elegant sculptor in the whole world. Correction, the whole universe. And one day, I shall be a best selling novelist and you'll make a rat version of me, with black hair and small Asian eyes. Yay.