Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Indigo Wednesday

I've been really sad all day without knowing quite why. I have things to be sad about, as everyone does, but none of them are an exact fit.

What helps most is that how I spend the day is the same whether I'm happy or miserable.

What hurts most is that how I spend the day is the same whether I'm happy or miserable.

This may be less true another time, but for now I work, believing the answer is in there. And I do the things that must be done, because they must be done. Cats must be fed.

So, in that way, today was no different than yesterday, but mostly it was a strange day with Ben still away. A one-girl show with non-stop music and mostly non-stop art. Hyde has gone. I kept her under such control I feel nearly apologetic. Next time I'll let her make something.

Unified Theory
Pi (soundtrack)
Kronos Quartet
The Decemberists
Bad Religion
Zero 7

Sometimes music is better than coffee, which is nearly gone and somewhat cold, so back to it for me. I think, Chemical Brothers will do it.



K said...

It is strange, that disjunction between the rational causes of one's mood and the way one really feels.

I hope:
1. You feel better soon.
2. Ben feels better and comes back soon.
3. The Chemical Brothers did the trick. And the coffee.

David Niall Wilson said...

I, too, hope you are feeling better...doing what you do while not miserable is always preferable to the alternative.

More music AND coffee...

The Philosophical Epicurian said...

Now that I have some ideas of the music you like I think I'll send you a mixed cd for the holidays.

I just got an awesome gift from my husband for solstice/whathaveyou and it works and I've started converting my vinyl to cd and importing them into iTunes in order to have even more fun.

So yeah, look for it sometime next week.

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

Same here. I frikkin' love mix cds.

"Umwhhzue" - The monstrous, scaled swimmer of the Lake of Dreams, and the real identity of Dr. Seuss.