Monday, December 12, 2005

Color Day, Monochrome Night

A long day of painting small sculptures, making notes, ordering supplies and listening to Ben's monologue to himself as he worked on the kinetic fortune teller. Today was drilling holes and attaching the pins that will slow the wheel to catch it on a particular fortune (determined, of course, either by fate or physics---up to you.) The trick isn't attaching the pins so much as creating the right conditions for the particular clicking sound I want. Supremely important, for such a wheel, at least for me.'s my wheel, for now.

Aubrey woke me at 5:30 for walking. We walked. Sheesh.

As for "Good Night and Good Luck": I won't attempt writing about this movie. What I will say is, see it, please. There are many reasons for seeing it and none for not.

Today's Ben-ism:

"Every moment of brilliance costs an hour of psychosis."

Lots of Chemical Brothers today, and some Porcupine Tree, Neutral Milk Hotel and a bit of, well, the Floyd.

Lots of Holiday sculptures are going out tomorrow. I'm getting up when I wake up.



K said...

Aubrey = evil early-morning-waking person. I'm just saying. :)

Maybe I wouldn't find the thought of getting up at 5.30 quite so evil in summer. Have a nice sleep (I think you have a few hours yet).

I agree - the right clicky sound is very important. There are cars which have had a satisfying "clunk" added because the doors shut too quietly: this is the same sort of thing. You should be able to hear the clicks slowing as the wheel inexorably selects your fate...

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

My wife can't understand why I won't just use any keyboard. If the keys are to mushy, and their isn't the right amount of 'click' to each key, I just can't use it. It repulses me. The ones at my old high school sounded like tap-shoes, and I sincerely wish I could have stolen about a dozen, and just used them over the years until they all wore out.

There's just something satisfying about the right amount of 'click'.

(Also still can't get enough of the sound a glass bottle of iced tea makes when you turn it upside down and smack it. I could drive my wife to drink alochohol just standing in the check-out lane... and when you're done drinking, you have the clicky cap to play with!!! I'm so compulsive.)

"Cgohesoe" - Many tentacled Lord of the Outer Reaches and inventor of pork rinds.

Miss Bliss said...

So happy to hear that you liked the movie. I'm hoping to get the soundtrack this holiday!