Tuesday, December 06, 2005

And, he's off! So, I suppose, am I.

And, with typical joyful abandon, he jumps, and jumps, and jumps. Yes, the desert has its good points.

Oh yes, Lorraine did indeed wear her pajamas to the airport and dropped me right at the door. As someone who has grown used to living in a vacation sort of place, who has been known to visit the grocery store in pj's and coat, and who is not surprised to run into 'speedo man' at the post office, I was non-plussed. She was actually cheerful and lovely and got coffee for us first.

I had a very long and busy day in the studio but very good. Then a meeting with Ben about projects for early next year, sending images and art out, answering emails.

Hyde, the name I call my creative drive, is making lots of noise. I try hard to quiet this by writing notes with quick sketches and promises to work them into the schedule. This may work, or may not. Sometimes you can resist scratching an itch. Sometimes you cannot. Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you are. In the long run, if no one gets hurt, what difference does it make if I step outside of Lisa for a little bit and become the lunatic some people kindly refer to as the visionary? It's mostly harmless as long as she stays in the studio. Yes, that would be the studio full of knives and razors and um, power tools of all sorts. It would be the Lisa who's family bet on when she'd clean her brush in her coffee, or sip mineral spirits. (They longer do this as they are banned from the studio when Hyde visits.)

I am very busy (and happily) painting "Luck's Dancer" and other gifts. I especially enjoy the thought that someone likes something I made enough to give it to someone they care about. That's very cool.

On Saturday afternoons I work on a very irreverent project with Ben. On Thursday nights I work with Pete on a comic project. On Friday mornings, I work on Lost and Found and other book projects. In between are meetings and correspondence and a big block of studio time, broken into smaller blocks of various sizes interwoven with everyday life. Somewhere in there I must fit some Hyde time in, otherwise, the noise will get louder until I do.



K said...

We've got one of those bungee things in the Winter Wonderland fair in the centre of Edinburgh. I walk past it every day, and I must say, I want a go! Think adults are allowed?

I'm intrigued by this "very irreverent project". Indeed by all the projects. Careful with the sharp things in the studio - my sister once made a good attempt at severing her own finger while under the influence of a similar busy period. (She was lucky and didn't lose the joint, or her nail.)

On the whole, I welcome my (lesser) creative urge, but I wish it would hold off until I have some spare time.

lisa said...

K, my dear, there is no such thing as spare time.
I will keep you informed about the projects.

Maureen said...

LOL about Lorraine and the PJ's. I'd asked her about that, and if you'd opted for a remote exit point like Maddy. It's not so much the PJs as the combination of driving in subzero weather and PJs.

I've more than once picked up a candle instead of my drinking glass. Fortunately, so far that hasn't progressed beyond my hand saying "wait a minute.. that's not it".

My Magic rat from WFC is watching over me as I type. Maybe I can get him to rap me on the knuckles if I grab for the wrong things again. :-)