Sunday, December 04, 2005

Snow and Signings

Yesterday was as snowy as I could have hoped. Just right, actually. The reading and signing went very well, but went on for much longer than anyone had expected. Still, Neil made lots of people very happy and I got to spend time with some nice people.

It has been a weekend of new insights and winter scenery, crisp air and new friends and cats each with unique personalities. And birds. It’s very hard not to notice the woodpeckers especially.

The sculpture was finally unpacked and discovered to be unharmed during its long trip. It now sits comfortably back in its nook where it belongs.

I will be leaving tomorrow somewhat changed, in the way that stepping outside of daily life changes us. I’ll be glad to see my family waiting for me back home in the desert and already begin to miss the ones here in this pristine winter.

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ravyn said...

and where's a picture of you dear????