Sunday, December 11, 2005

Hands Spring says Ravyn, via paint fumes

This is a tiny part of the studio floor, where I dropped a tiny spring which, of course, bounced silently into a secret place where it could spend a possible eternity. Despite this obvious down side of such a studio floor, there are good points.
One being that the floor never looks dirty and that a drip of paint or whatnot is not a problem. The other is that one can do things like this should the urge strike (as occasionally, it does):

And here lies a tiny spring!!! Gee. This would be an amazing thing indeed if it were the spring I dropped...

Today it was light outside when I woke. I thought I'd somehow overslept, but then realized it was Sunday, so snuggled down into the covers again. Of course that was Gurtie's clue to start her morning campaign for food and attention, so there was nothing left but to get up early.
It was a day for working hard, well past very tired, even with much appreciated intermittent neck rubs that only seem to help when they hurt. I thought to ask Santa for a professional massage. After all, I've been good. The juggling of projects isn't likely to stop anytime soon. New ones seem to sneak aboard at least as quickly as others are completed. I'm getting better about stopping to stretch, and the Ben unit, who is off today, says he'll help install a barre on the back deck for me. That will help indeed. Ouch. and, did I mention, ouch?

We're heading out tonight to see "Good Night and Good Luck". When I'm busy, most movies have to wait for the DVD release, but I want to give this one my full attention.

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Miss Bliss said...

OH can't wait to hear what you thought of the movie! I really loved it. I loved the cuts to the singer throughout it. I just really liked the pacing and the feel of it, it seemed loose and relaxed in it's process of telling it's story.