Friday, December 23, 2005

another near silence

I seem to be the last person standing in a house full of people after a long day of cooking, shopping, laughing, tidying, hanging lights and putting bright red scarves, hats and bows on a plethora of black rubber rats.
Ok, well, Gurtie is up too, on my lap enjoying the lights and helping me answer dozens of emails. I love that word, dozen. It's one of those that gets weird on you when you put a bit of effort into it.
It was a good day, with parodies of mom, old stories and familiar zingers thrown between sibs. It was a good day of the last piece of another project falling into place unexpectedly. This one involves art by myself and stories set to them by Gene Wolfe and which should be out in the spring.

Tomorrow we'll all be here together, each bringing bits and pieces of all the other times we've spent together on such days and nights. Tomorrow will add it's bits to the montage that holds past and present.
It's a colorful, many textured, ever changing thing that looks a bit different to each of us, and is cherished by all.

Now I'll reluctantly remove a warm Gurtie from my lap, turn out all these lights and sleep.

All my best to you,


Celandine said...

I haven't commented on your blog before, but want to say how wonderful I think it is.

Merry Christmas to all.

Carl V. said...

Merry Christmas Lisa and family, Ravyn, and all you fellow readers of this blog. May your day sincerely be merry, and bright.

That Wolfe project sounds wonderful, having just 'discovered' him a few months back I'm really excited about this.