Saturday, December 31, 2005


The painting is done. The photography is done. The prints are on their way to author and publisher. So, yesterday Orion and I played some Little Tikes basketball and after, I lay in the sun and worked on nothing but my tan. Okay, I at least neutralized the blue.

But this morning I look out on the deck and it's a different place. The sky is dark and forboding. The empty chairs, the canopies the trees, are still and waiting.
The sky is more and more like the painting.

The pool beckons. I so miss swimming. I'm thinking seriously about looking for a wet suit so I can stand the cold. These thoughts may pass soon. My reprieves are generally very short lived. Our dinner guests will go tonight, tomorrow will be a new year and likely, I'll be back in the studio before everyone else has breakfast.

Then, it's hours until then. Lots could happen. And I'm thinking about slicing through cold, cold water.

Happy New Year. Have fun. Be safe.

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Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

You be safe, Californian Polar Bear.

And let all new beginnings take strength from old haunts.

To Lisa, Ravyn, Ben, Orion, Pete, and anyone else I'm neglecting out on that end of things: May the New Year be a happy, healthy, productive, and magical one for you.