Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hyde approaches. Sucking and Blowing defined

I don't want to frighten anyone, but it seems Hyde is beginning to get loud. Ben, studio partner and best bud, couldn't be happier.

I hear quotes of mine are finding themselves onto the web. I feel it somehow balances the universe to add some of Ben's to the mix. It's Karmic, sort of.
A few notable statements from today:

"Yeah? I'll tell you who likes Christians. Lions."

"You handed me two. I asked for a couple. Two is hardly a couple."

"Morals are definitely overrated."

Ah, Ben..........

Another common exchange, especially when work gets intense, goes like this:

"How'er we doing?"

"Well, we're either sucking or blowing."

Interestingly enough, Pete told me today that he heard (X-Play/G4) that sucking applies to a short-term assessment or to an immediate situation and that blowing refers to more long-term conditions.
You know? That feels oddly...right.

I finally got a photo that shows the eyes of The Children's Hour.


ravyn said...

hmm..... we may need a poll on this

daecabhir?? you're the office guy around here, sucking vs. blowing??


Daecabhir, Lord of the Leaping Shadows said...

Hmmmm, hadn't given it much thought... "suck" is used more often than "blow", and the most common use of "blow" is in the phrase "Well that blows", which is generally a slightly stronger version of "bummer dude".

On the other hand, "suck" is used with versatility similar to that of the F-bomb, although lacking its vehemence. Most commonly its use indicates a level of seriousness or passionate dislike for the target... and it usually accompanied by some kind of superlative that gives an indicator of the seriousness or level of dislike. Duration does not typically enter into the picture.

"Suckage" also has connotations in the computer field, as an indicator of the poor quality, bugginess or pure pain in the ass of a particular piece of software, operating system or hardware. There is even an official unit of measure for suckage as it applies to software, operating syystems or hardware, appropriately named the Lovelace (Ll).

ravyn said...

i *knew* i could count on you for a well-researched and well-presented dissertation on the whole sucking vs. blowing thing ;-)

Carl V. said...

Great picture! And thanks for the sucking/blowing lesson...since I'm off work due to a snow storm I at least feel like I've accomplished some learning today. ;)

Miss Bliss said...

"Yeah? I'll tell you who likes Christians. Lions."

OK, now people here at work want to know why I'm laughing and I'm not about to tell them. I think I love Ben.