Sunday, December 25, 2005

Sleep, please

Maybe it's just me, but I was wondering if it's just my kids who, shortly into Christmas morning, have secured the Darth Vader Voice Changing Mask onto the Furby?

I don't know. Maybe kids all over are doing just that.

I do know that I passed the shelf a moment ago and Vader's voice, quite distinctly, began to sing.

....lullabye, lullabye...

Now the eldest sit around a tiny table engrossed in Orion's Playdoh Chomp and Chew Diner. I just heard Bridget exclaim "This is so cool. I didn't know it would be so demented!"
Orion, non-plussed, plays Tak...

Mom soaks it up for later, and sometimes dreams of painting. Oh and sleeping. A bit of sleeping would be very good.


K said...

Lisa, your kids are cool. We don't have either a Vader mask or a Furby, but if we did, I'd be running downstairs to do that now.

At the moment, I merely have to contend with a brother who is perfecting his Kong impersonation with the help of the PlayStation game (it was pretty good before. Press X to go into a rage.)

We're all going for a family walk in the Botanic Gardens now. Yes, we are so wholesome it hurts...

Happy Boxing Day!

vandaluna said...

Happiest of Yules, Lisa!