Thursday, December 08, 2005


I spoke with Bob Podrasky last night. We will be deciding in the next few days whether it's time to officially and finally close submissions for Tiny Stories - Call for Submissions. I believe we most likely will, so that work can begin on the project in early January. If you have something nearly finished, or have a sudden inspiration, the time to act would be now.

Today is cold and rainy. Not so cold as in other places, but cold enough that paints and casting materials behave differently and coffee and hot chocolate taste better. I’ve managed to put Hyde away for a bit. She quietly hyperventilates in the corner so I can make lovely things for people who ordered holiday gifts and later, go to Orion’s class party at Chucky Cheese. That’s no place for Hyde.
She is ever present now, but it becomes clear to me that, though my hands shake just a little when painting the tiniest detail, I’m most definitely the one in control. At least, for now. Last night my brain really wanted to play until late, late, late, so Pete took care of things this morning and I slept in. I got some good work done for Lost and Found in those wee hours. Now I’m listening to Chemical Brothers and Porcupine Tree and painting.

It’s a good day.


Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

You make me think of long ago, when I (poorly) drew sketches of all the folks I once imagined living in my head. Still have them somewhere, and they still talk every now and again, but not as loud or as convincingly as they once did.

It's mostly just me now... though I'm, bad enough, I suppose.

I look very much forward to quoting you again in the future, so be mindful of your words, Hyde or no.

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

I should also pause here to mention tht I was just over looking at the Lorraine and Malena Blog, and there were mentions of you.. and corsets... and suddenly I feel robbed.

Completely robbed and downhearted, and I just couldn't explain why.

(Today's Old One: Lipnxaku - Weird wife of the nasties from below the bed. Queen of Dust Bunnies.)

lisa said...

Wow, RRNN. What could this possibly mean? Let us know when you find out. Be careful, those girls might coerce you into a corset as well. Tread carefully--they have me outnumbered.

ravyn said...

they *do* make corsets for men


Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

I just mean... there were corsets involved... and all we got was a signing picture?


Completely robbed.

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

And as for RRNN and corsets?


I'll try anything twice.