Friday, December 09, 2005


Aubrey woke me at 6am, to remind me I said I'd try morning walks with her. But then, before I knew it, it was actually morning. Forget that. The stars were still out. No way.

It was crisp and chill and we walked with long strides past houses that reflect 1950's visions of the future. Some evoke a sort of Jetsonlike charm, some old hollywood, most show a touch of a dated sort of elegance. A few now reflect current desert sensibilities, i.e., they hunch behind walls. I remarked that my favorite house doesn't have the look of 50's California. Aubrey replied, "Right, it has the look of 50's Florida. Gotta be some sort of geriatric wormhole." And then there's that one house from Tatooine.
It was a good walk, and when we got back our house was warm and cozy.

Then later, off to shop for her formal gown, which was not terribly hard, and had it's truly comedic moments.

Orion plays Sly Cooper, which has music that reminds me of Angelo Badalamenti, making me think of Ennio Morricone soundtracks and how he sometimes very effectively scored simple, childlike music for violent or shocking scenes. The music alone carries a false sense of security, so when contrasted with the visuals can be unsettling in a unique way. I like that quite a lot.
Contrast is good. In art and words as well as in roller coasters and fun houses. Just when you get really comfy, things get weird.

Several hours of work on the Ben/Lisa project. We will try to post some photos soon but seem to be in a standoff about who will actually stop drawing and do it.

Let's see, the Ben-Ism for today is: Right. And every time I laugh I die a little inside.

Orion is just beginning to understand that if he will let me work for awhile, then after I will give him my full attention. I'm going to do that for a bit, then get back to the studio.

I've picked and am eating the first orange from the tree by our front door. It is obscenely delicious.

I've finished the ratty portrait for Ravyn, who has recently experienced moments of true brilliance for which I am entirely grateful. The little statue is of Ravyn's mom and three granddaughters, in rat, of course. Something sweet and nice. Yes, I can do sweet.
Comfy? Good.


Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

Oh! Damn.

Yup. There goes.

I'm blind from the cuteness.

Effing great.

Will that be a regular Ratbag piece, or was it a one-time, just for Ravyn kind of thing?

(It's actually a very charming piece. Its wholesome and very... Little Women. Does Hyde know about this?)

ravyn said...

The story is this:

My mom likes the rats. i gave her a Poe rat (she asked for it). Several months ago, she said to me,"I want a Grammy Rat, with my three granddaughters." So i talked to Lisa and gave her photos of my mom and my nieces (i have no human children, LOL). The two older ones are twins, and the younger one is about three years younger - it was important to show that age difference since this is a "portrait".

i don't know if Grammy will go on the Ratbag page, but, my mom did say she didn't mind if someone else wanted one (so Grammy is not a one-off). Personally i'd be thrilled if other people liked this piece enough to want to buy it.

And you know, cute is good. In small enough doses, heh. It's all about balance ;-)

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

I'm not completely innocent of cute myself:

Bestest Snowman

Once upon a winter cold,
Our little girl was three years old,
And out she went, in breezes bold,
… To build herself a snowman.

Packing, stacking flakes so tight,
Rolling snow with all her might,
Working late into the night,
… All just to build a snowman.

But then she paused, and briefly took,
A long, incisive, probing look:
This mushy, slushy, pile of gook,
… Was not much of a snowman.

She clenched her tiny fists; so mad!
A pudgy midget, snowsuit-clad,
So small and wet, and cold, and sad,
… She’d never have her snowman.

And so she turned and tromped inside,
With tears she tried so hard to hide,
She walked up to her mom and sighed,
… “I just can’t build a ‘no-man.”

Her Mommy knew just what to do,
“We’ll find some paper, scissors, glue,
Glitter pens, and crayons, blue,
… And draw the perfect snowman,”

So, now dear readers, here you find,
The product of our daughter’s mind,
A drawing of the greatest kind,
… Her ‘Very Bestest Snowman’.

There's a drawing that my daughter did to go along with the poem, and we sent the whole damn thing out as out X-Mas cards year before last. Cute? I can do cute. I'm Really Rather Not Nice... but dammit, I have a heart too. So I don't begrudge Lisa a moment or two of cute, especially for the Mum of ever-dedicated Ravyn.
Already regained the sight in my left eye, so no real damage done anyhow.