Wednesday, December 21, 2005

12:12 and all is well

It's just past midnight and the house is mostly dark and very quiet. Tomorrow night, daughters and sons and friends will begin to gather, filling it with sound and light. We are strange birds and we will make strange bird noises. We will tell stories that only strange birds would tell and make jokes only strange birds could understand.
We will cluster around tables of food and light and celebrate being strange birds in the way that only strange birds do.

Strange birds everywhere will do the same.

While I have a quiet moment to say it; wherever you are, (or who, or what, or why, or how) thank you and.....Peace.



Carl V. said...

Same to you Lisa...may it be peaceful and magical for you and yours.

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

Cuckoo... cuckoo... cuckoo.

(That's "Happy Holidays" in Strange-bird-ese. I speak it fluently.)

K said...

The strange birds in our house go "Twoo!" Very loudly. They're owls, or so they claim.

I am very tired. It is my last day at work before Christmas, though, so I'm also happy. Peace to you too.