Saturday, December 17, 2005

Kitty Evil?

The studio is a dangerous place right now. Looking around, one can see numerous pointy, slashy, poisonous, mashy ways to die, or at least earn an ambulance ride. Orion is not allowed in here until we clean this place up, including our holiday language. Still, we are busily sending holiday gifts like the elves we are and all to arrive in time.

I can hear Orion from the other room. Lately, he's attaching the word "now" to all his requests. "Want to play with me now?" "I want chips please now." "Can we ride in the gold car now?" I noticed the 'now' adds a mysterious new layer of cuteness, and could possibly be somehow, cutely evil. Now, with distance between us, I hear how exactly like a cat's 'meow' Orions "now" is. It speaks to us on deeper levels. It behooves us. It draws us. It drives us to McDonalds...

I wonder, if on some level, he is aware of this.

Or, it could be in my head, the association with Gurtie's evilness. Though, I've meant to confess to you, sorry, I begin to love her. ?? I hardly ever post anymore without her in my lap.

Hmm. Do cats and preschooler's have a private language? Is there a conspiracy underpaw?

I think I need a hug...


Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

I think it's kids and animals in general.

My daughter has plans to go off on a magical quest with my aunt's golden lab puppy. She told us that the two of them discussed the thing in great detail in my Aunt's bathroom last night.

In her defense, we went to see The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, so we all had magical quests on the brain. But it was still really unsettling (in a completely cute way) to hear my daughter say: "Sweetpea and me were talking in the bathroom, and now we're going to a magical world.

They need us."

Malena Medium Cool said...

Happy Birthday on Monday from LaM!

Ohhhh you say it's your birthday
da na na na na naaaaaaaaaa
It's my birthday too yeah!
da na na na na naaaaaaa

We love you! (I can't wait to meet you)