Thursday, December 15, 2005


Whatever so troubled me yesterday was gone this morning. Cured by sleep, or coffee, music or nice emails, it is gone. Thanks!
I made grits for Orion, with cheese.

Ben is back today, with the whining, the complaining, the groaning, the snappy comebacks and verbal abuse. Awww, I missed that guy...

The mold for "Emily" failed two days ago. I knew we were pushing it. There's no backup. It's not practical to keep mulitple molds. The rubber won't survive long term and would eat up loads of space. Instead, we keep a master of each sculpture. Ideally, I replace a mold when it starts to show the least sign of stress, but once in a blue moon, one goes without warning, just a parade of special effects.
Today's Bennism: "Could be worse, you know. We could be ugly."

The end result was that several people who had ordered "Emily" got statues with individually hand-carved faces by yours truly, who has become quite adept with both the Dremmel and the file.

Tonight was a session for Pete's comic. That was almost like a break, because all that was required of me was mostly listening and commenting. I got to flex my fingers and s t r e t c h.

Now I write this, and eat oranges, wish good dreams to kids , stretch one more time, work on an outline for Lost and Found and paint. At night, music and oranges work better than coffee.

One more marathon day tomorrow, then things should get a bit easier. Yes, Lisa is working way too much, making her a dull girl indeed.



David Niall Wilson said...

Nope...never dull...not possible.

Me? I'm numb...3 hours on a hard metal chair watching a badly written xmas play with a 2 year old who wanted to be part of it.

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

1. Grits are gross, and should never be fed to children. I think its against the law.

2. Pete's comic? I need to know more about this please. Not sure how I missed that. I need information. Comic books? Are you freaking kidding me? How did I not know about the comic books. Sculptures? Meh. Comic books? Great holy underwear Batman!

3. Grits are gross. Especially with cheese. It degrades the cheese.

4. Glad to hear the depressive fog has passed... comic books? Seriously? No. Sorry. Lisa. Must focus on Lisa here. Glad you're feeling... comic books... better, and that Ben has been hard at work... comic books... making the studio a less 'safe' place to create (always a good thing).

5. Aqlyeod - Queen of the porcine men near the House on the Borderlands (Not H.P., I know, but similar); also the inventor of grits. Foul, foul grits.

6. Dull? Hell no.

ravyn said...

we LOVES grits, Preciousssssssss!!!!

Butter and salt, yum!

ivenotime said...

Blame Ravyn for this - a very Happy (early) Birthday to you!!! She let it out on Lorraine's and Malena's blog that Monday was your day - maybe your schedule will clear enough so Hyde can come out and play. Have a great day, and again really enjoy my harlequin, everyone should have one! and yes, we do love grits...