Monday, March 04, 2013

Weekend and Billy Reed's

Went to lunch at Billy Reed's, which is a nearly undefinable mix of Transylvania, Old West, family restaurant and...really, I haven't figured it out yet and likely never will.  I suspect though, that it reminds me a little of my own carnival work, which makes it feel a little like home.

  After our wedding reception and before setting out for our honeymoon destination, Pete and I went to a local hotel  changed into jeans and T's, and....ahhhh....comfortable shoes, and went to Billy Reed's.  Don't get me wrong - we had a beautiful buffet at the reception, wonderful food and drink, dancing and (not kidding)  a roving mime compliments of the Mr. Neil Gaiman.
  But the bride and groom rarely get to eat, so we took ourselves to the pentacle of comfort food.

And that's what Billy Reed's is to me.  And so much more.  It's where I take people from out of town because it's fun and worth the experience.

But this weekend, Benton Warren and I went for lunch and to talk about art projects.  Poppet came along and a wonderful time was had by all. (The Swiss Chard was to die for.)  The portions are too big.  When it was time to stop, I didn't.  I just got more selective and ate gravy. 
  By the time we were done, we'd sketched out a plan for a new kinetic piece.  It's been over five years since Ben and I built anything together.  I'm so happy to be here.

Ballroom Floor

Ben and Me
Sepia fits, doesn't it?

Poppet digs sand dabs, mashed potatoes and gravy, swiss chard.  And gravy.

Fish and Turtles outside.


Syd said...

Awesome-looking place--and the food sounds yummeh in the extreme. Glad it also worked for getting the creativity flowing!

Diandra said...

Looks great. Looks yummy.

And you know, I still need a poppet that will travel with me. The ones we have seem to prefer staying at home. ^^

Valya said...

Next visit, we definitely have to go there.