Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to Make a Small Paper Umbrella

Start with a circle.  I used a large hole punch but you could draw a circle and cut it out with scissors or an Xacto knife.
Fold the circle in half.  I use a flat, smooth tool called a "bone."  You could use a marker or knife handle or other .
Repeat the folds

Until you have 8 sections.

I use a smaller hole punch to trim the edges between sections.  You could do this with scissors or a razor knife. 
Make a cut along one of the folds from the edge to the center.

Overlap two sections and glue them together.  Now your umbrella has 7 sections.
Cut out a smaller circle for support.

Glue it into the middle on the inside.
Then cut a tiny "x" in the middle of the circle underneath and another at the apex.  Push a handle (I used a toothpick here.)  Before painting, I like to brush on a coat of white glue over the whole umbrella.  It makes the paper stronger and makes a good surface for accepting paint.

Voila!  Tiny Umbrella.

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ravyn said...

Verra nice! Time to clean off the drawing table here!