Wednesday, March 06, 2013



I've mentioned before that most days my schedule includes some time at 'the little table.'  It's my niche in the house that allows me to hand sculpt small things (I tend to make a few small things) while watching TV and/or hanging with the other humans.

Last Nights "Little Table." Making Poppet gas masks with Jon Stewart and Wasocky.

Wasocky is two cups of rice in the leg of pantyhose, inside a fuzzy sock with the ends tied in knots. Heat him in the microwave for 2 minutes and he'll stay warm for an hour. Great for muscle pain and warmth. And squeezy company. Yours can look like anything you choose. There are lots of socks out there. Go hog wild!

 Yup. I never stop makin' stuff up.



Unknown said...

Love your kitty mug ;)

Jen said...

I think one of these would be quite nice to keep my arthritic fingers company ...... don't suppose you'd share how you made this little guy ?

I love those action photos ---- so many poses and personality!!

Diandra said...

There was a kitty mug? I was so smitten with the sock poppets I did not even notice it. ^^