Monday, May 21, 2012

Another View

 When I was a little kid, I used to lie on edges and look at the world upside down. 
 I'd lie on the floor and imagine the ceiling was the floor.  I liked the strangeness of it. 
Thinking about things upside down seems to be a good exercise for humans.  Our brains have rooms that seldom get explored.  They're good rooms, bigger inside than out.  When we leave these rooms, we take something with us-- perspective.
And perspective changes our world.
Silly humans!

I forget this sometimes.   I'll tell you how that works out.  Not so well.   So I made this little Poppet to remind me.   This is the sort of thing that helps me make sense of things that don't.  And it seems a really good reason to make a Poppet.

If you try some upside-down viewing, or other brain exercises, tell me about it.  I really want to know.
Have some fun.


Phaedrus2 said...

That worked.

TerraMystic said...

Would reading the Kybalion count as brain exercise?