Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Days 77 and 78

were not so good. Much unpleasantness. Today I worked to make up for time lost.


more words and some photos later, promise.

Japan, heartbreaking. Changes in the Earth, worrisome. Another encounter with the X, hereto forth known as Inappropriate Avenger. Geeze.

Exit, stage left. To the sofa, with Orion, sleepily watching animation, where I will join him.



ravyn said...

i hear you dear. And it looks like this year is going to be very tough for me to survive with an old house and an old car, ugh.

However, a bright spot is that the Foppets i'm making for my nieces' birthdays this year (which have to be ready SATURDAY!!!!) are really inspiring me to get back to making art.

Here's the "Mer-Foppet" for my youngest niece. i still have to sculpt two Foppets playing violin for the twins.

i don't know how, but somehow i'm gonna make it through this year.

Unknown said...

ravyn: just messaged you via fb. I'm really happy to hear you're inspired. Sometimes art can get us through stuff--even hard stuff. Cute Mer Foppet and something I'm sure she'll treasure. Thanks for the link!
many hugs to you. I know you by now, and you're right. You'll find a way to get through the year and make the effort worthwhile.

ravyn said...

Aubrey/er, Lisa -

Is that you in disguise? hehe

Anonymous said...

arrrgh. ravyn: that's Lisa not realizing Aubrey hadn't signed out.

I'm thinknig that you are referring to how to manage to pay for the mony-suck that old house and old cars are?

You might want to think about taking this opportunity to make stuff up and paint or hang or write it on your walls. Go hog wild, express yourself.