Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Day 73

Because I failed to make an entry for 72.
Continually. Not continuous. It's what I can do. Live with it. I do.

Aubrey took photos today. It is warm like spring. There's no hint of the coming heat yet and snow still on the mountains. The egrets are back, they dot the pines like elaborate corsages and strut around in grassy areas. It's hard to imagine mid summer right now. I'm not going to. Right now I can pretend it's ages away.

The kids are out of school for March. Today they ran around outside, sat with their feet in the pool and skipped ice cubes like rocks. It's tricky, but those crecent shaped cubes will triple skip with practice and luck.

We had some technical problems with our current batch of resin. Turns out it wasn't just quite right, so that in small quantities it didn't create enough heat to cure in the usual time. After a lot of trial and error, research and a couple of emails, we got things straight. New castings are coming out just fine and previous ones are basking in light, curing in the old fashioned way, which is to say, slowly.
Possibly marble dust is as tricky as pixie dust.

This house is full of kids and other small creatures.

Some are tucked away in quiet corners.

Others are perpetual noise and motion. Life on life.

And some watch it all.
As quantum mechanics is to the workings of the cosmos, I wonder if one human family, through several generations, can represent the general principles of humanity?

It's a reasonable theory, though sometimes we seem alien even to ourselves.
Seasons are good. Weather too, even of the uncomfortable sort. Anything that makes us look up and out and away, so that we see where we are and where we're going and what we must do.
Poppets tell me it's time for this. Poppets tend to understate too.
Thanks for the photos, Aubrey.

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