Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pictures now, words later.

I keep forgetting that lots of people read this blog without seeing the sidebar. So---here are photos of new Halloween minis and three of the astoundingly detailed Famous Artists poppets in our Etsy Store.

Boy do I have things to tell you. Boy am I tired. Yesterday was one of those thought-provoking days---way too interesting and without sleep.

So, comfort food and bed for now.

Words tomorrow for sure.

Thanks for being here, for the great discussion on sex, and The Birds too.

Check out Sea Gen---will be talking about that tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

the movement in the new Poppets is outrageously addictive!

Please, make more, I love them and I get my school monies soon...there is always room for poppets ;)

Loraine said...

Love the colors and poses!