Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Welcome February and Zorcon's Day

Indeed it is February. How did this happen?
Oh. Right. The planet spins, travels around the sun, it's light, it's dark, it's light, it's dark.

My gluey-hands, or why-I-don't-answer-my-phone-in-studio. This is Joyce, who joined us in October.
Among other things (note apron) she is now our official Poppet photographer. Now you'll get to see more studio shots of work in progress.

Yesterday Zorcon had his 'day spa'. He got a bubble bath, wrapped in warm towels
and some relaxing time with
Orion (and a carrot.)

Flight of the Conchords might be my new favorite show.

I'm not sure anything could replace Curb Your Enthusiasm for my favorite downtime watching, but Bret and Jermaine, with their unabashedly dry approach and
truly funny songs rarely let me down.

If you haven't checked out Poppets On Tour (see sidebar) you're missing some great new photos. If you haven't checked out the forums (sidebar) you're missing some cool people to hang out with.

This morning was mild on the playground. There is no equal to the sound of a playground full of kids in the morning.
But---it's not a particularly good idea to close one's eyes to listen while standing on a basketball court, even if the other players are three feet shorter than yourself.

I'm off to the studio. In progress--a Poppet interpretation of Coraline, a solar powered airship, and more Excellently Mad Poppets in Bell Jars.

have a good day


Marjorie said...

I like the sound of Poppet Coraline.. and more Poppets in Bell jars.

Ed said...

Here in Brazil, February is a strange month. Besides being shorter (as anywhere else) it contains one of our major holidays, Carnaval. Rio's Carnaval is quite know, but many fellow Brazilians find it quite distasteful, because of all the marketing and many other things that corrupted something that was much, much more beautiful in the past (my opinion). Anyway, older carnaval was much more interesting, now its just another excuse to skip responsibilities and get awfully wasted. But still, there are some small islands of good carnaval, and Rio's actually brings lots of happiness to many miserable and oppressed people. Well, human things and it's multiple sides right?
Oh my, I just ranted A LOT. Sorry.

And I agree with Marjorie, Poppet Coraline sounds great! And I can't wait to see the airship!

Anonymous said...

***Checks eBay for New Poppety Goodness***

***Checks status of bank account re: purchase of one or more items of New Poppety Goodness***

Um...anybody need the services of a freelance copyeditor/proofreader? I have this Poppet habit to support...


Word veri: redsizes. Little Red Poppet sizes...what? Sizes up the competition? Sizes up the goings-on at the Embarrassed Embassy? Whatever could it be?

ravyn said...

Wow Joyce's hair is longer than mine!

Good and Bad Poppets. WANT.

lisa said...

Marjorie: me too

Ed, oMamute: are you kidding? we love your rants

syd: did I mention the studio has a layaway program? (not to get you into any trouble!)

ravyn: I think when it's wet (and therefore straight) it reaches nearly to her knees

Anonymous said...


Does that apply to OOAK and LE auctions?

Because if it does...I'm DOOMED.

But being smothered in layaway Poppets isn't a bad way to go, I suppose...

ravyn said...

Lisa: wooooooooow a regular Rapunzel! i am in awe :-D

Drinne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Drinne said...

How interesting the tiny Divinities are. In my head they are already the "Yetzairs". Judaism doesn't really have a devil although apparently we were jealous and occasionally try to add one later to keep up with the Dantes.

We do have the Yetzer HaRa and Yetzer HaTov which are the Evil Inclination and the Good Inclination. We have to choose, they just are. Thus they are both "Good". It I think it makes a lot of sense if they take the form of Poppets.

Apologies- I removed the my previous post because I thought it was too long and contained way to much religious trivia that was probably boring.

Stacey said...

Love the newbies. I see more tiny household deities in my future, in my mind they even have names, I guess that seals it.

Drinne: I have yet to be bored by one of your posts/comments yet.

lisa said...

syd: you might be doomed. we often allow people to split up payments, even for auction, especially for larger sculptures. We only ask that buyers email before bidding to make arrangements.

We're working on getting a shopping page up (in addition to and separate from the ebay store)

Drinne: What Stacey said.

Stacey: ditto!

Drinne said...

Lisa and Stacey: Thank you, I'll tell you what - when the Yetzairs arrive here, I'll post what I thought was too long on my blog and in Inner Workings with their "Settling" pics.

I get nervous discussing religion in "public" because when you do people very rarely hear you. They hear everyone else who got to them before you, good or bad, and I know that those people weren't saying what I am.

Based on what I've heard so far Bill Hicks might have said something like I'm saying but we may have arrived at different places once we said it.

Wolkenjägerin said...

A Poppet Coraline! How utterly delightful! Will there be the Other Poppet Mother?
In other news: my first three poppets ever have landed and have taken over the succulents yesterday. Coffee and Dogma are interesting conversationalists, just the Doctor is, well, awfully quiet. Not much of a talker, hasn't even introduced himself yet. They have wandered off into the great unknowns of this flat ever since - well, Coffee can be traced easily and Dogma usually isn't far. Yet again the Doctor...
And I'm afraid I might have to get them some more company. And coffee. And books.