Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mostly pictures of humans making

If you've been away, visit the previous entry and add your summer experiences. I'd like to know, and I'm fairly certain others would too.


Rubius said...

These photos are great. I love the creative process and the spirit that it embodies.. it is almost tangible in these photos.

I'm loving this strange light. I fill my west-facing window with crystals and watch the rainbows dance on sunny afternoons like this one.

Today's word is adgusra

Craig Steffen said...

So--I have a technical question.

The picture titled "Spencer+mageye+ceopped.JPG". His (Spencer's?) right eye seems to be a brightly lit and magnified iris. Is the iris his, and the widget that's creating the effect actually lighting up his eye? Or is it something that has a stock image of an iris and his eye is hidden all together?

lisa said...

rubius: thanks. it seems little can squelch the creativity in this studio. at least we've got that going.

craig steffen: (Hi Craig!) It is Spencer's eye, and we used one of our clip on magnifying glasses with it's own led and it took about a dozen shots to get this one. How'd we do?

Carl V. Anderson said...

Such fun, question inspiring and interesting pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. Makes me smile!!! :) See!!!

Anonymous said...

yes those photos were great some of the best times i had with my heart soul and slide you cant take the memories out of my head i will always have good memories of you and i