Sunday, September 21, 2008

strange days

No, I have not expired, gone into hiding, or given up.

I continue to be the idiot artist struggling toward the light, with bloody knees and singed hair, a slightly crazed look and a slow, determined pace.

These last months have been, so far, the most difficult I can remember. Your artist is tired and sad, but not hopeless, and even now I recognize there have been bright glimpses of better days ahead.

I'll be leaving for VCon on Oct 1st. I'll be a bit raw around the edges, but deeply inspired. If I'm very lucky, it will all balance to the good. Dispite all, I tend to be able to turn things around. I'm not terribly worried and look forward to spending some time with the folk there.

The work continues to be good, when we can get to it.

So. There we are. Ben and I are pretty wrung out but are looking forward to the convention. Spencer will have another surgery tomorrow but is working in the studio as I type this. Poppet Planet continues to spin along on its axis while we humans try to make sense of things.

There is a book in here somewhere.

Now, I'm going to eat this little box of Whoppers I bought for myself last week. Then I'm going to sleep.

I feel human, humble and present in all these moments.

They are what they are. Whatever you're doing, I wish you well.



Stacey said...

Best thoughts for the surgery. Take care of yourself and yours. :)

Rubius said...

Best of luck for the surgery. I am really looking forward to seeing you for VCON.

lisa said...

Thanks stacey and rubius. Spencer won't be traveling to VCon with us. We are now down to two---myself and Ben. But Spencer will continue to work in studio with his leg propped up, and a home care nurse coming by three days a week. It's been knarly good fun---thankfully, my years of experience at the hospital and morgue have given me great control and nearly no gag reflex. Dressing changes and gaping holes don't bother me. I can even eat a sandwich while watching Jackass II, though that's one I don't plan to repeat in this lifetime.

What an unside down summer we've had. We all got put through the proverbial wringer.

Benton Warren said...

Amen to that Mama, Amen to that...

Carl V. Anderson said...

"No, I have not expired, gone into hiding, or given up."

That is very good news indeed.

'Idiot'? I think not.

Very best wishes to Spencer for a speedy recovery and I hope you have a wonderful and surprisingly restful time at the con.