Friday, September 26, 2008


Now I'm counting down the last days before Vcon. We're all frayed around the edges, but I'm not stressed about the convention. It's a friendly group---at least I assume so---experience tells me it will be.
I had a camera on hand when we took a short break today. Spencer played. I took photos of my feet---no idea why---
and photos of some of the newest gas masks for Poppets.
This summer has sure battered us on many levels.
Yes, it's nearly October, but summer in the desert isn't over until we feel a chill in the air.
Where's the chill? sheesh...

The work is good though. At least we have that going on.
Have you been watching the news? Do you, like me, watch with the blankets pulled up around your chin? I'm thinking, it's never really a good idea to panic, but maybe time to think ahead a bit.
I'm not saying we'll be running for the hills, but these are scary days.
I'm thinking that now, more than ever, it's time to be a little kinder to each other---even and especially to those with whom we disagree.

Beyond that, I don't have much. I pulled some photos totally at random from the files I set aside for one of my VCon programs. It's a weird mix.

Lisa wants her groove back. Possibly (and likely) the convention will give me a reset. Such a weird mix of sadness and comittment to the work---to you too.

Today Aubrey and I went shopping for the last bit of stuff for the children's programming at the con. We'll be making Halloween brains. We bought way too much crap. But then, Halloween is my Christmas, sort of. Possibly we shouldn't drink iced coffee before shopping.
Have a good Saturday.


Stacey said...

I hope leg is recovering well. Cute poppet! Scary gas masks, maybe I should make a doggy size one for the mutts on halloween. Nah, the weiner dog would just eat his...

ravyn said...

Hang in there guys. Wishes says hello :-)

Carl V. Anderson said...

I certainly wish for you a speedy groove recovery!!!

I especially love the picture of the pool. It looks refreshing and inviting and at the same time has a warped appearance that makes me feel like I should be hearing the jaws theme and expecting something really bad!

And although the pink poppets are probably supposed to about to share a smooch my first thought was that they were performing in three part harmony and am wondering just what song they were singing.

I, mostly, have to avoid the news...although I do listen to an awful lot of NPR. I have to balance it out with a bit of reality (day to day living, spending time with those I love, etc.) because otherwise it is way too fear inducing...and to me there is something unreal and fear-for-the-sake-of-ratings about it all. I prefer to cling to hope with both hands.

Neon said...

Mmmmm...yes scary times indeed. Times to make sure you keep those you love close enough for hugs.
I think we are all trapped somewhere between wanting to know and not wanting to look- so many times in life are like that and they are all weathered. This phase will be too.

Carl v- I thought the pink poppets appeared to be whispering to each other, what are they up to?; such naughty poppets!

Roll on Halloween- I cant wait! I found a kit where you get everything you need to make your own chocolate bats! The trick or treaters round here are in for something special this year :)

Derek Ash said...

I loves me that Santa Rat... and who-- I mean whatever he's got in the bag

spacedlaw said...

What? No live blogging from VCON?
What about the poppet cookies?

Jenni M said...

As a parent at VCON I just wanted to say that I think you purchased exactly the right amount of geegaws and gunk to put on the hallowe'en brains. :-)

My son, Nathan, was thrilled that he was allowed to create his treo of Trick-or-Treating Brains (The Cat, Ghost and Frankenstein), even if he was eventually only bring one of them home. He also decided that my "Not sure what it is, but it's a girl" brain looked kind of like a funky reindeer, so he decided to call it a "Brain-deer" :)

I was glad to hear that VCON had helped energize you and get your groove back to some degree and I hope your trip back home wasn't too hectic or stressful.

Jenni Merrifield
(VCON 33 Webmaster)