Friday, August 15, 2008


It's been a week since my last post. Time is a slippery little sucker.
Various recent moments:
1 Mimi Ko jumps off the roof. (with joyful abandon)
2 pools without water are surreal places
3 two realities---stillness above, motion beneath--this one is somewhat Magritte---or possibly Jacek Yerka. Spencer provides footage for poppet animation work.
4 Strange Light. Larry Niven has begun the next story for the series. He sent me his notes. Sometimes my job is fucking perfect.
I took a whole series of sunlight shots. The desert has its good points.
5 Lisa shooting at night---still over 100 degrees.
The desert sucks.

6, 7, 8, 9 Studio work. The studio is evolving. It looks less like an art studio and more like a very strange laboratory every day. Eventually it may begin to think for itself.

Aside from that--We're very nearly finished with the Anti-summer Neil Gaiman rat. I asked Neil if the Neil Rat was stuck in the Poppet's Anti-Summer world, what book would he want with him? He chose, The Wind in the Willows.
Today was for putting out spotfires and dodging bullets. Tomorrow is a studio day.
At least, that is the plan.


ravyn said...

Okay, those dolls are blowing me away.

Very cool photos of the pool.

i am crying. Not only am i a "Type-O Negative", the moon is my friend. But now that i'm flying without a net...... WAH! i must wait. Maybe i can get the "9's".

PS - one of the nice things about being O-Neg was when i donated blood, it was always designated for children :-)

Carl V. Anderson said...

Did you say image number 5 was entitled "Lisa is hot"? ;)

That picture of Mimi Ko is priceless. What a perfect picture of what summer should be all about.

Absolutely love the new creation (Blast Radius?). As the third R.I.P. Challenge approaches I have been getting more and more in the eerie, Halloweenish mood and looking at these pictures really heightens that mood. I cannot wait until the leaves start changing and those crisp tendrils of fall start reaching out and adding a chill to the air. Soon....

jordan's mom said...

Thanks for the shot of Mimi Ko leaving the roof. It helped set Joe's mind at ease to see the actual height of the roof Jordan was jumping off.

The astonishing doll reminds me more than a little of the "Other Mother" - right after the world ends.

Be sure and keep us updated as new items go up for sale on eBay...

And the word of the day for blogger verification is "buzur".

lisa said...

ravyn: They're blowing us away too.

carl v: blast radius..exactly. alive, running from the debris ;)

jordan's mom: it only looks high when you're on it
the word is nrkkt

lisa said...

ravyn: They're blowing us away too.

carl v: blast radius..exactly. alive, running from the debris ;)

jordan's mom: it only looks high when you're on it
the word is nrkkt

K said...

Hello. I've been away, but am back now.

Looks like there have been dramatic happenings lately... We are having Anti-Summer here, too, which bears a slight resemblance to a monsoon.

Those dolls... such eyes! such hair!

Carl V. Anderson said...

I'd love to see Blast Radius in an animated short...he/she looks like the kind of creation that needs its own animated story...practically looks alive already!

Benton Warren said...

Summer... Why is it every summer in the desert is so... Out of balance?
At the best of times. I am water. I flow. I adapt. I don't seek the path of least resistance. I take the path because it is in my nature.
And then Summer comes to the Desert. Ha! And people just loose their friggen minds! (oppresive heat don't do anything good for open water! Or pretty flowers. Or people...)
On the plus side. Seasonal madness is just that. Seasonal. There's nothing quite as sweet as the first day that doesn't suck!
Today didn't suck.
And I am... Happy? Strange. Nice and strange. Just the way I like it.
Peace to all the wee Babys!