Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bright Lights; Poppets, Spaces, Fake Pants

Poppet video work is progressing. Here is a loose mix of photos from the last shoot, in no particular order.

We've decided for the next video to recruit an intern to journal as we work. It's way too much fun not to share.

Anyway---it's a unique experience shooting in an empty pool. The space allows sound and light to behave in unexpected ways.

The space allows humans to behave in unexpected ways.

There are two new Poppets in Fake Pants (see sidebar).
Things are a little weird, but the heart of the beast is still beating, and we're making progress.
Good thing too, VCon is coming up fast and we intend to show the members what we did this Anti Summer.
Time for lunch...


Anonymous said...

You... Let me get this straight. You emptied the pool? In August? Ok, the pictures are cool, but... No swimming? This side of November? Are you...Alien?

lisa said...

john: are you kidding? no way.
It's not our pool. It's So Cal---we're shooting guerilla. Totally.

K said...

I see giant poppets! (I almost didn't spot the normal-sized one.)

It appears I may be getting a new camera (to replace the one that doesn't work). My poppets and I have plans.

jordan's mom said...

So Lisa -

Are we to hope that some of those amazing and strange photos are part of your upcoming "Strange Light" collection with Larry Niven?

And - we love the little "Harley Quinnish" stripey poppets!!!

lisa said...

k: Yup! Those two are poppet plush doll prototypes. We hope to have some in the store soon. Yay! I look forward to seeing what you and your poppets do.

rebecca: indeed. Larry has finished the first story and now he (very kindly and to my great delight) shares notes from the next. I'll be sending light images.

hmmm. blogger doesn't like my typing of the secret word today. Possibly I got it wrong as there's not a single vowel in the nine.