Monday, March 17, 2008

Palm Springs Wind and Sun call for Makers

Mimi Ko sent some photos from her February visit. Thought you'd like them too.

I often wonder, given the extremes of wind and sun here, why Palm Springs hasn't become a veritable Mecca of Making for solar and wind powered inventors. Near-alien conditions can exist here-- it's Tatooine, begging for energy and innovation, creative architecture and kinetic art. Doesn't anyone around here do something besides shopping and golf?

Of course, someone must.....please find me.

I'd think, honestly, that the same people who'd be such innovators would be drawn to the clear night skies, perfect for star viewing, or the mountains and clean air. True, it's hellish in summer, but then, there's the challenge, right? If we can make it here (cool it, wet it, power it, grow it, create it) we can make it anywhere.

Like the song says.

It's on my list, yes, THE LIST, to send an invitation via Make magazine and others. Surely all the Makers aren't in the Bay Area or upstate NY?

Thanks for all the emails for puzzles! Our ISP has been in and out for the past few days now, i.e., in for five minutes, out for five hours, so if I haven't answered you, I will soon.

I did see a van with a SUNPOWER (the "O" looks like a sun)decal and it looks like there's a small solar company moved into a new office complex on Gene Autry Trail. I'll check into those.

We have a crop of new Poppets for spring. I'll get them up and into the store as soon as possible, as internet connection luck holds. We're told it may likely be wind-related.

--Makers to the rescue! Please?


Holly said...

We received a permit application for a solar farm on the Carrizo Plain recently. Maybe one in Palm Springs is not that far off.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Love these pictures, especially the last one. Looks like the setting of an otherworldly adventure and gets my sci fi juices flowing.