Saturday, March 22, 2008

Here we go again.

Some days I zoom along.
Some days I don't.
Today was one of those days spent mostly tripping over my own feet.
But I at least managed to get some masks photographed and into the store.
I've been working on a lecture for VCon (I'll post exact dates and info as soon as I get them) in October. It applies the Drake Equation to creative ideas (instead of to the probability of intelligent life on other planets)
I mention it because today reminded me that the reason I can write about being one's own worst enemy with such authority is that I've played the part so often.
Sometimes there is little intelligent life on planet Lisa.
Ow. I learn. I learn. I learn.
Sleep...and tomorrow. Tomorrow I try again.


Anonymous said...

Those days come along too... I'm having one myself. I suppose it could be said that a few of those days thrown in here and there make you appreciate the creative and successful days all the more...

I love the Drake Equation; I'm curious to see how you've related the two :)


Carl V. Anderson said...

Wonderful masks! The lecture sounds fascinating. Considering the fact that I know so little about it I look forward to being educated. I hope you'll post a copy of the lecture after you give it for those not having the privilege to attend.