Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bad News, Good Poppets

Just added Little Pierrot Poppet to the Poppet store (see link top right corner) along with other spring-inspired Poppets.
Pierrot is an open edition. It's been awhile since I designed any harlequin poppets.
Dunno why.
But, here he is. I'll be making a number of different masks for him.
He tells me he really likes masks.
Did you catch the interview with archaeologist Brian Fagan on last night's Daily Show? He talks about his new book, which is an account of the last period of global warming.
There were brilliantly funny segments on the economy as well.
Bad news all around. No wonder Poppets like masks.
Suddenly, I'm very thirsty.


ravyn said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!

I'm here (I'm sure you hear this a lot..) via Neil Gaimain's Smoke and Mirrors introduction :)

I think I might just have to spring for a Grim Ratter, even on my student budget that's a must have!

Will the print shop on your website be up and running soon?


Anonymous said...

Ugh, sneaky fingers always typing an extra i in Neil's name... *facepalm*

Rubius said...

YEAH!!!! Yellow-ish poppets!!!!!

Whee hooo.!!!!!!... yeah

Yippee skippee... (Kristina does a little virtual cartwheel).

Thanks Wonder-Lisa!!!

lisa said...

ravyn: yeah, I know. I'm having trouble letting go of some of these.

Mary: Thanks! I'll get some Grim Ratters up soon--we're going to have 'rat days' in the studio to get some of all the rats in the store---there are 16 different ones, including Neil Rats, of course.

oh---around here, we ignore all typos, no worries

rubius: yay indeed! more yellows to come in summer---scented, even.

K said...

Spotty poppets! (Spoppets?) Yay!

But I think the bunny is my favourite. He reminds me of the White Rabbit (in his role as court herald) from "Alice in Wonderland".

It's never far from my mind.

Rubius said...

Well now... that makes the decision more difficult. doh. The rainbow may have to wait for the summer yellow poppets. Patience is good for poppets.

Speckled Poppets... Speckoppets?... I like K's word 'Spoppets'. My dad said I should put them in the freezer and then I would have Poppetsicles... groan.

I love the Neil Rats... I keep putting off getting one... although I have really wanted one for almost 2 years now. One day.. one day... one day when my Visa muscles are stronger I will have a Neil Rat.

Neon said...

Lisa I am loving the new poppets! You have made it very hard to pick one this time- the picture of all the lovely pastel coloured poppets in their little bunny masks makes me want one of each! One of my little blue poppets here at home wants a bunny mask! So I had better get him one :)