Friday, August 24, 2007

Strange, Blue.....and Purple

Ain't no cure for the summertime blues.

Damn. Is it still summer? Yes. The last leg of it, the end vaguely in site, tiny and way off in the distance. I've survived so far without any real harm, with stories for later and with a bit of a scrubbing and cleaning of my summer-reluctant third eye. Ouch.

Did I mention, ouch?

Yes, I will tell the stories, likely on the forums, but not today.

Still, Ravyn and I got things sort of lined up for Halloween while she was here, and I made some strange poppets which I will post links to tomorrow at a more respectable hour.

In the meantime, for night owls and those on other continents, a photo of one Strange and Spotted Poppet.

And, at the risk of suggesting that I do indeed listen to Poppet requests:

Little Purple Poppets

The late Harry Chapin (Flowers are Red) sang, "There are so many colors in the rainbow and I see every one."
His song is about crayons, sort of, but mostly about how children see things and how they are sometimes taught not to see by people with narrow vision.

It's a sweet, sad song.

Tonight, I'm not swimming. I am sleeping.



Rubius said...

how wonderful... the twisted one looks like it came out the other side of a singularity.

I think Poppets ought to come in all colours and shades and combinations of colours and shades... just like people. Yeah!!! for a rainbow of poppets.

I wish I had had a purple poppet when I went to Anime Evolution. The poppets were popular there. I ran around getting pics of anime characters with poppets... if I was smart I would have brought the poppets downtown for the zombie-walk today. :-( sadly I am not quite that quick.

lisa said...

Thanks Rubius.

I enjoyed your POT photos from Anime Evolution---have been planning to post those!

I had fun making the twisted one. Hmmm...twisted and singularity. Now you've started something.

jordan's mom said...

Of course, you know what has to happen now. You're going to have to make a one-eyed, one-horned flying purple poppet-eater.

Rubius said...

That's GREAT!!!! I would love to see a one-eyed, one horned flying purple poppet... and something that wants to eat it!!! lol... or you know, a something that is one-horned, one-eyed, flies and likes to eat poppets,... although, the poppets might not like that idea very much.

what a great idea.

and thanks Lisa, you are always an inspiration to me.

Dan Guy said...

I'm watching Kontroll again. In my head it occupies a space tangential to poppets.

I had an alien arrive today, or something purporting to be one. Thank you.

K said...

For some reason, the twirly spotty poppet really reminds me of the dimension (the one that is too small to be perceived, but nonetheless wants to have its say) in the "Dream" story in The Sandman: Endless Nights...

I love it.

Anonymous said...

So there I was reading Neil's journal and wondering what to get my girlfriend for her birthday when I came across a link to the wonderful poppets... "Look" I said "blue and red, what wonderful colors, such a cute gift"...

The very next day I was at work and someone asked me what I was getting for my girlfriends birthday. "poppets" I replied. "What's a poppet" she asked... So back to Neil's journal I went, searching for Lisa's name... "These are poppets, wait, what is this? PURPLE"

But alas, the ebay has no such color of poppet for sale... I was heartbroken :(

lisa said...

Jordan's mom and Rubius: If this one shows up in my dreams, I'm holding you two responsible.

Dan guy: put him in light, then put him in the dark.

K: I like the twirly spotty poppet too. I'd like to do a twirly stripey poppet soon.

orpheuswaking: there will be more purple poppets. this blog is usually the first place anything new shows up. And, if you did order a poppet, you'll be on the mailing list for Halloween, where who knows what kinds of poppets will show up.
ok. well, I know.

Dan Guy said...

So I've read! I had no idea his mask was magnetic -- that is a master-stroke! I love it.


OMG - I want one of those! Ok a purple one, and that black spotted one - those are flippin neato!