Sunday, August 19, 2007

Out of the frying pan and into the singularity

Welcom to Tatooine.

Nora is visiting. We went for a short walk in the desert.

It's hot in the desert.

So we went to Ben's house for swimming and dinner.

The skies were busy today, with clouds like spaceships. It wasn't like time travel at all, but was weirdly cool.

Under the surface, we ran into a tiny diver. I followed him around for awhile.
My favorite is this one. Looks as though he's headed into a singularity. Perhaps only the singularity in my head. Either way, it was a different way to spend an afternoon.

Eventually, he got bored with us and swam away.
Goodbye little Poppet!


Dan Guy said...

That tiny diver is a hoot! I love it.

Carl V. Anderson said...

That is so stinking hilarious! LOVE the goggles.

Rubius said...

I love this. This makes me very happy. Thank you for this aquatic adventure. And Nora, you look lovely in the desert.

K said...

Diving poppets - how cool!

My poppets are beginning to settle in. I have already been told off by my husband - who doesn't really know what poppets are - for putting them temporarily for safety in a glass box (with no lid, I hasten to add). "They don't like it. They can't get out."

OK, I won't do it again, but the consequences are on his head...


Who knew they could swim?
Very very funny

One of my poppets has just left home to live with my sister.

Moonshadow said...

I really like your poppets. I think I seen some of your artwork in my dreams.

lisa said...

I didn't know they could swim either. They continue to surprise me.

moonshadow: I see them too. I begin to believe I'm less their creator and more their messenger