Friday, February 02, 2007

b r e a k

Burnout approaches.

I am a LIAR.

Here I go again:
Burnout arrived a few days ago and your brilliant artist here decided to ignore it. Seemed like a good-enough sort of plan, this ignoring. After all, last time Burnout stopped by I'm fairly certain I put on a spectacular show of ignorance. Let me was mid December...right around my birthday. Oh yeah, I remember now...

Well, Hello Burnout, my old friend!
Come in, come in. Put your feet up and I'll make you some hot apple cider and throw in a movie. Blanket? There you go. As Good as it Gets? That's the ticket. Maybe a little Colbert Report with popcorn. I'll get out the down comforter and a nice anthology. How about some short stories--d'ya Like Gene Wolfe?

Soon you'll be feeling much better....and getting the hell out of here.

Learn from my screw-ups, please, you guys. I'm am.



chrisa511 said...

I've been feeling pretty burnt out lately too. Hot apple cider and a movie sounds wonderful! In fact, I have a bottle of cider and some mulling spices now, so I may join you in a little r&r...not a bad idea.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Wolfe sounds like the perfect cure for burnout. Hope the recovery process is a comforting and enjoyable one. Good food, good wine recommended.

K said...

*soothe soothe*

So true. My husband's been off work for a month (depression-related...) - sometimes you have to take a little time to breathe.

Dan Guy said...

I was feeling very close to burnout yesterday afternoon after a weekend of hard-charging through some code writing widgets for Mr. G. I was nearly finished (-- I thought, for the thousandth time --) but I decided not to risk it, put down the computer, got under the covers with the wife and watched a movie.

I work better after I've gotten enough sleep, or after a break to reconnect with the family.