Saturday, November 26, 2005


I awoke to quiet. Orion had snuggled in at some point and was pressed against my back, Gurtie was draped over my head like an ugly (but very warm) hat. Pete was sleeping peacefully and it felt cold enough to light the fireplace. One of those moments to lie quietly and appreciate...
Then of course the phone rang. Hardly five minutes later, Aubrey is dancing in the kitchen -- and singing "Ohhh, I wish for something sweeeet and fat freeeeee!" The computer is up, Orion has started a video game, Ben is on his way over and I'm making coffee, going over the list for today and checking messages all at the same time.
Well, apparently it's time to get to work. The studio will be like a beehive today. I will be a bee. No. I won't be a bee. Sheesh. I need coffee.
Hope you guys have a great day. Be back later with photos of what SlaughterHouse does on Saturdays.


jestersdna said...

As you say, the nut doesn't fall far from the nut.
I've woken up many times with a lovely cat hat. Don't blame Gurty, she's like a cabbage patch doll, so ugly she's cute.
Bridget says MONKEY!

K said...

I would love to see photos of what happens at Slaughterhouse on Saturday or any other day, but I take it you were occupied by other things. Happily, I hope. Busy is usually good, no?