Friday, November 04, 2005

Slight Right

Yesterday was a sort of accidental free day. I nearly called it a 'lost' day, but that isn't right, because it actually wasn't lost at all. It started with a sort of work hangover---one of those times when intense work/late nights or both decide to charge their toll all at once. So I woke late and groggy and shuffled through the den where the kids were eating leftover Chinese takeout and Halloween candy for breakfast, into the kitchen where the coffee was unmade. Aubrey had stayed home with the same cold she'd missed school for on Wednesday and was miserable. There was no point in taking Orion to daycare so late. He'd get there just in time for nap. He stood in front of the television, seeming to mimic a crazed angler reeling in the tie-breaking bass, but actually destroying evil robots.
Pete left to rig some show, America (the band, 70's) or something like that. Finally, Orion showed some interest in toys in his room, and ate enough of an apple to alieve my guilt. Aubrey and I put on Signs, one of those movies we watch when we're sick. Comfort movie. We watched in silence, occasionally passing the plastic candy bucket, inserting ridiculous and irreverent dialog into familiar scenes.
So, not a lost day, but a non-linear one in that it had nothing at all to do with 'the plan' or 'the list' or even the most vague expectations.
The golden thing is, I think I'm learning when to let one go. It's not really a good idea to try to fit a left-brain plan into a right-brain day. It's a waste of time. I've tried it. I only end up standing in my own way. Go right-brain.

Today was different. Up early, all day in the studio. Lots of focus. In the middle of working on one project a piece of another found its way into a waiting gap. I'm telling myself that could have happened mostly because I hopped off the wheel yesterday, aired out the gray matter. It seems to be a pattern.

So, in that spirit, anonymous, I shall let Karma take care of the treat bowl.

And now, I'll make some spaghetti.



Derek Ash said...

1. Thank God I live in Maine and could not possibly be Anonymous.

2. The movie Signs was one of those movies tha made me remmber why I like life so much sometimes, but that other people made fun of me for liking. Pooh on them.

3. I have so many days like the one you just described... and now I know why they never seem to work out for me. Thanks.

4. Remember: Maine + RRNN = Not Possibly Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I've spent the last couple of hours engrossed in your website. I really enjoyed the series of photos detailing your artistic process.

What is your recipe for glue?

K said...

Hurray for serendipitous free days.

I would love to be having one now, because after a busy weekend I woke up feeling exactly the way you describe, and have not achieved very much at all this morning. However, I'd have to pull a sickie and my conscience won't let me when I'm not actually sick. Just sleepwalking.

Hey ho. Tomorrow will be better. Maybe this afternoon will be.

jordan's mom said...

"America"?????? Are THEY still around? Sheesh!

Hope Pete likes Geriatrics.....

Carl V. Anderson said...

Sounds like an unintentionally wonderful day!