Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wednesday morning

The nicest thing about winter in the desert is that it's not summer. Granted, swimming at midnight is nice, but believe it or not, a cloudless blue sky can start to feel like a ceiling after a while, and oppressive. I feel a bit more human when I wake chilly and put on my robe and slippers.
I can't remember the last time I journaled in the morning. The skies are full of moving clouds, there's a chill in the air and I have coffee. Ahhhhh. Gurtie is chasing some unfortunate cricket in the hall. Its only hope of escape lies in the fact that her claws have no purchase on the tiles so she overshoots and skitters into the wall.
She's just peered around the corner at me with a bit of a reproachful look, as though she hears me. She can be very creepy that way. Very creepy.
Ben will be here soon. It's a very busy studio day. We'll be like largish evil elves working at our benches, trading odd ideas that sometimes we write down. By four-thirty it will be night---another winter thing in the desert, and we will still be working away, so that it feels we've been there for days. It's like....time travel. Well, sort of.

I wish you all a very good Wednesday. Tomorrow is Mr. Gaiman's birthday. Send him your good thoughts. He was once a baby. So was I. So were you. That's a little like time travel too. Well, sort of.


K said...

Oh! Had I but known, I would have wished him happy birthday when I met him last night at the Edinburgh reading... (It was excellent. I am very happy.)

I don't know whether to feel sorrier for the cricket or for Gurtie. I hope she doesn't hurt herself banging into the wall. Even if she is a creepy psychic cat.

David Niall Wilson said...

Having a hard time getting the image of a largish Lisa Elf cackling and rubbing her hands together out of my head...

Will have to send Neil something...and looking forward to the gift page.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Being a November baby myself Neil's has always been an easy one to remember. Had alot of fun at the Chicago reading in Sept. and was glad to finally get to see him in person after years of enjoying his creative contributions to art and literature.