Thursday, March 10, 2005

Crawling Back to It...

Hello all,
I've been down with what seems the worst cold ever---at least now, while I'm in it. I begin to believe I will never feel good again which leads me to think I might be over it soon----because it usually happens this way.
I havn't touched the Neil sculpture or much else in days. Have had many thoughts but not the impetus to type them. Only to sleep with the science channel on...Dream Nyquil induced dreams and wonder about odd things.
Even my cat has given up, deeming me too sad even to lounge on.

But, I am not dead and will be back soon, possibly tomorrow, with photos of the roller coaster cars that arrived yesterday for new wheels. Then back to the Neil sculpture and maybe an idea or two. I did speak with Dagmara Matuszak and will be posting about her and her creative process in the next week or so. That should be interesting.


a lisa who is nearly here


ravyn said...

test comment, blah blah blah....

Carl V. Anderson said...

Glad blogspot is up again!

I wanted to offer you empathy in your time of sickness. Its been going around here in Missouri as well. I'm on my second round with the stuff but this time isn't as bad as the first. I can understand why you hadn't posted and why it was hard to be creative...this stuff is debilitating! Hope you're on the mend and will soon be back into your creative flow. Best wishes!

Miss Bliss said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! It's been a rough flu season everywhere this year.