Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I worked on Neil's sculpture, but inside, not much to see. Though I did make some tentative arrangements to make a movie of it to post. Tomorrow I'll answer comments and questions.
I photographed these, because they are leaving me tomorrow morning. I started thinking, which is sometimes not a good idea for me but seems to happen quite often. I looked over at the Neil sculpture and wondered about the angel, and all the other angels that have appeared in my work over the years, mostly uninvited. I don't particular care for angels, don't particularly believe in them, yet they keep showing up and I'm not sure why.
Jesters, yes. But I know where those come from, which is another story entirely.
I'll tell it to you, if you want to hear it.


marrije said...

Yes, please, Lisa, I'd love to hear about the jesters. Your post about your colleague and his ladders was fascinating, too!

Issy said...

Yes, please do tell the Jester story. I have always loved Jesters and angels. You may not believe in angels but it looks like they believe in you. Since they like to show up in your work. I love the angels you create.

Your mention of the unconscious repeated themes in art just reminded me of a question my son asked me two nights ago. He asked, "Mom why do you always draw trees with bodies and faces in them?" He was looking at a painting of the Goddess Bridget (I had made 20 years ago.) I didn't draw bodies in that tree on purpose although in other drawings I have. When I told him there were no bodies in the tree he pointed out the egg timer figure, and arms and head tilted back like the tree had a dancer hidden in it.

Miss Bliss said...

Yes, I too would love to hear about the Jesters. If I draw, it always seems to be eyes...eyes in faces that have no outer edges, just features with no boundaries other than their insistent relationship to each other. Funny how it works eh?

Carl V. Anderson said...

We have our hot chocolate and blankets and are ready for a good tale.

Valarie said...

Does your story in Strange Attraction cover it? ...and Stoker nominated at that :)