Saturday, March 26, 2005

Neil [Gaiman] sometimes travels to SoCal by train. Sometimes he phones to tell me he's passing through the windmills, or just did. 


Carl V. Anderson said...

Amazing. I bet its all pretty surreal when you're actually standing there or passing by on the road.

Anonymous said...

hey...loved your pics. Reminded me of when I moved out to Rancho Mirage a few years ago.
The first time I came across this amazing landscape was by accident. I had missed my westbond exit and had to turn around out there in "The Valley of The Windmills" I named it.
They really are amazing in person...they seem to go on forever, and they are HUGE.
I look forward to seeing more pictures, as I have since moved out of the desert....I often thought how cool an aerial view might look....anyway, thanks again. -67-