Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cleaning Day

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Rick said...

I can see the dogwoods blooming the feel of the spring breeze sitting under an oak tree alongside a lake a pole in hand the bobber moving fish on I say its a nice one in the bucket it goes along with the other dozen for a meal
I think I'm in a dream but know I was at Clark Hill hmm I say been there many times also been known to bath in the lake with a bar of floating soap LOL still this memory may be long ago it still lives in my heart many loved ones have passed on since those days so have friends Come and gone but I will always love them and cherish the times that they were around me I remember you and for the likes of me why did I not asked you to dance with me LOL
Your friend forever
Rick :)
Ps I think he's in Florida now ;)
A poppet cowboy hint hint