Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Brief History Of The Ouija Board

Lisa's assistant Jessie here to school you on the history of the Ouija Board. 

The history of the Ouija board is more romantic than your God fearing grandmother would have you think.  In Victorian times, lovers would sit with their knees together on a chaperoned date, which gave them an ample opportunity to play footsie-feelie.  At the very same time, these couples were able to send secret messages to one another that the chaperones couldn't overhear.

Imagine the naughty things being said in this classic Norman Rockwell picture.

Poppets, as you know, mimic humans in a gentle, poking-fun way, including our emotions, beliefs, experiences, and culture.  Poppets explore Ouija, seeing the unknown not as good or evil, but as, well, unknown.

 You can explore the mysteries of the Ouija with your very own Poppet Ouija Board and Planchette hand made by Lisa Snellings.  Purchase at Etsy

Not willing to play the game?  No Victorian lover to rub knees with?  Leave it to Ouija Board Poppet to discover all that hooky-pooky woo woo creepy mystical nonsense.  Purchase at Etsy

Coming soon:  Pocket sized Ouija Boards with tiny planchettes that you can give as a Valentine or keep for yourself. 

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