Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Put on the glasses, human.

This is heavily on my mind today.  The things we don't see.  Things that are twisted and wrong and invisible to us because we don't wear the glasses with which to see them.  

Today it's this one. Sales tax.  What?  Sales tax.  Who is served by sales tax?  Who is hurt?  How does this affect you?

Talk to me?  If not about this, tell me what you see when you put on the glasses, human.


yemamaya said...

when i put glasses on, i see. because when i don't i don't see anything anymore. even with the darn things its tough (#hatingmidlifecrissis)

Phaedrus2 said...

Of all the prizes out there I'd have to say that the Nobel Prize is the one I'd want to have. Paul Krugman has his. He was on "Morning Joe" a couple of days ago talking about the deficit and national debt not being the crisis everyone is making it out to be and they all tended not to believe him. It's sort of like Cassandra in Greek mythology, who was given the gift of foresight but also cursed in that no one would ever believe her. You might have a gift for appreciating genius.

DavidK said...

Obviously, I don't know what I'm being blind to, because if I knew I wouldn't be blind. Looking around, the blindness that strikes me the most is the anti-education mentality that too many of our leaders seem to have. They ignore or actively act against fact-based educational policies, and spout rhetoric that devalues our educational system. It's one of silent contributors to many of the problems that we're facing.