Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Inertia is a mind killer.


Jack London did say that you can't wait for inspiration.  That you must go after it with a club. 

The morning is nearly gone and I'm still looking for my club.  Coffee didn't work and watching the news often makes me want to give up on humans.

I thought to catch up on The Colbert Report and the interview was with Jared Diamond.  Certainly the author has plenty of interesting things to say, but it did no better than coffee.  I'm left feeling even less motivated than before.

Not a good thing, as I depend on motivation and imagination.  The air outside is crisp and cold and the sun is shining.  Possibly walking will help.  Sometimes it does.  I'll avoid the internet because in this mode, it's a sticky trap, a roach motel for this brain.

So what does someone credited with inspiring others do for inspiration? 

Anything she can. 

I can't find my club, so my walking shoes will have to do.  Off I go.

I'll let you know what I find.

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Diandra said...

This week, when I sat at my desk for writing time (which is few and precious) and could not find a story in me, I translated an English story I had written to German instead. Which worked wonderfully and sparked off all kinds of unrelated ideas. Sometimes repeating your steps works.