Sunday, December 09, 2012

Sneak Preview, Night Birds, as promised.

 It's so quiet here, I'm not sure if I'm alone. It seems that blogging is becoming obscured by the bright lights of other media.

But I'm still here.  This is where I started.  I'm sure a lot of people stopped visiting because I wrote less and they had less reason to check in. For now, it's just me in the studio, so there hasn't been much time for writing here.

Every bit of time that's not used up sculpting and keeping Poppet Planet running has been dedicated to Poppet Stories.  I'm so happy to finally have some bits to show you.

The first Poppet Stories book is:
 Night Birds,
 which is about the things that worry us, keep us awake and invade our dreams. It's a strange sort of book, and might want to be called something other than "book."

The second is:
 The Poppet Tarot, A Fool's Journey,
 which is a Poppet's interpretation of the Tarot, and a Poppet Tarot deck.

These two projects support each other. If all goes well, I'll be moving forward full-force in February. If not, I'll be moving forward in whatever fashion I can.

  I promised you the first look at the preview for Night Birds.  I thank you with all my poppety heart for hanging in here with me.

If you haven't already, please vote for my Poppet Tarot Project (see previous post) on the We Love Small Business contest.  


Melissa P said...

You are not alone. And I'm thrilled to see these bits. Looking forward to February and hoping it's full-force forward.

lisa said...

Thanks Melissa!

Jen said...

I'm always grateful for what you share with us on this blog .... even though I don't always leave a comment to say that.

Definitely looking forward to February !!

lisa said...

Thanks Jo. I didn't intend to make anyone feel guilty for not commenting. I've been feeling like an epic fail for not being able to keep it lively!

crydwynn said...

Can't wait for Night Birds and the Poppet Tarot!

Methoswolf said...

I am obsessive checker-inner :-), so I come here every morning with my cup of tea, just to check :-)

Can't wait for February and to see this project become a reality, I enjoyed the video so much. You will have loads of help from all of us, never worry :-)

ravyn said...

That video is lovely! And it brought back some memories too :-)

Kelly said...

I hope you are able to finish the tarot deck...I have a friend who I would love to give it to!

(And I've been bad about commenting, too, but I'm here!)

lisa said...

Kelly : Nope! I'm the bad one for not writing! I'm really happy to have something to show for being away.

lisa said...

ravyn: luuurrrrve