Thursday, December 13, 2012

Night Birds updateand then some

   I had a lovely conversation with composer Christophe Heral, who was extremely cool and very gracious.( I was a sweaty-palms-nervous Fan Girl! ) He loved the video, gave me his blessings and a "bravo"  and is now awaiting his very first bit of poppet art.

This is really, really good news for the project. 


Now to get through the holiday brutality of  a small gifty sort of shop.  My daughter Alison has come on board part time.  David will continue to help out long distance and today, Pete is helping make all the fun little cards that travel with poppets.  Thank you!!

  Every now and then I get a real of being overwhelmed. Orion's winter school musical is tonight and I have pants to hem.  He leaves for Science camp in a few days and I have separation anxiety to overcome (mine.)  I've cover art to finish for David Wilson's upcoming new book Nevermore, The DeChance Chronicles.  Art for the Boskone convention and a lecture to write.
And cats at my feet.
 Ever cats at my feet.

 I take a deep breath and embrace it.  It can be scary, this juggling act.  But this is not juggling snakes and knives.   This is juggling pretty scarves.

Even for lack of sleep or down time,muscle aches and the occasional cry, I embrace all of it.  These are good days and I know today that I'm one lucky human.

Finally - there are 8 days left in the Small Business Big Wishes .  If you haven't, please vote for Poppet Planet!  Here is a non-facebook link:

Thank you!

Off for coffee, and to make the poppets.

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