Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Hierophant

So much sobering news worldwide.  Always.  Household and family, always.  Today I'm full in studio to catch up on photography and send things to people who are waiting.   I'm thinking about books as I work.  Already I see our electronic devices replacing paperback books.  I see this as a positive step, even though I have shelves of the little treasures.  I also see a future for paper books. Beautiful ones to be treasured, some that blur the lines between art and book. The kind of books we will collect.  Of course, nothing lasts forever.
I'm also thinking about the word book.   It derives from the bokiz and the buche for "beech," ostensibly referring to the beechwood tablets that preceded paper, at least according to etymologists found on this magic box.
I think many books will evolve into digital formats, but not all.  Likely we'll continue to use the word 'book' for long after paper books become rare things.  Language tends to persist in this way.
But for now we can still enjoy our 'real' tomes.  I know I'll continue to include them in my work because I persist that way too, even though I'm rarely without a reading device.
Anyway, those are my thoughts. 
The Hierphant is as complex as any of the Major Arcana, but in my mind, he's mostly about balance and perspective.  That seems very wise to me. 
I'm off again, back to Poppets.  Hope your day is good.


jennifer anderson said...

i dont want a reading device.

lisa said...

Hi Jennifer - I felt that way too, because I grew up with books, I love books and I'm writing a book. I made the adjustment by treating my device like any other useful tool. I don't want to make assumptions about your reasons - and would like to hear more from you. For me though, whether I read a book on a device or in printed form, the end result is the same. The author's words are communicated to me, and I'm enriched by them.