Thursday, November 15, 2012

Colder Air

Was colder today with a winter-hued sky.  First day that even remotely seemed seasonal.   I'm still dealing with back pain, but it's not debilitating.  No sudden moves.  Bend but not twist.  Really, the thing that's most likely to get me - if anything does - will be one of my classic Wile E. Coyote moves to avoid stepping on a cat.

  Otherwise, a breakthrough with the book, which has cast its own light over everything else.  It makes the rough spots look softer and gives the darkness perspective. It gives me an espresso shot of willpower.   A long time reader of fiction, I understand why there are so many stories about protagonists who must battle opposing forces and why those forces are often personified. Sometimes it seems that to accomplish a goal we have to fight battles as well as jump over hurdles.
Honestly, I have the deepest admiration for anyone who manages to out-maneuver the absolutely obdurate daily grind. 

It's 5:32.  I can stop now, or I can have coffee and go back into studio for a little longer.  I figure I'd better use it while I've got it.  Off I go.

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