Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poppets are always watching.

I spent a good part of a rainy day sculpting "Night's Watch" with the series replaying just to the left of center.
It occurs to me that I often know instantly how Poppet would play a given character. That doesn't surprise me much. I've made a few poppets.
I wonder, how many?
I've done everything for the Kickstarter project except the video. I'm finding bits of time to chip away at it between poppets. I continue to write and sketch. I continue to do the myriad repetitive things we humans must do.
Sometimes it's not pretty. Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes I have to be inventive to get by. Sometimes the work feels like play and more often now, there's laughing in this house. I'm okay with that.
Game of Thrones is good enough to make the fangirl in me very happy. I'm okay with that too.


Anonymous said...

glad to hear the kickstarter is getting close. Anxious to contribute :)


Shonna said...

That poppet is just perfect! And I love Ghost as well.

mordicai said...


Sabrina said...

Oh my gracious, I am completely in love with that poppet (and his Ghost!).

Nearly there... said...

I'm sure that tantalising us with such beautiful poppets and then not having them available for purchase is a form of torture!!! The UN is going to have to be notified. I completely agree with the highly lucid point raised by mordicai.....
Please tell us you'll have some "Winter is Coming" for sale soon????